bbn consult

 -  independent property consultants!


bbn consult offers a wide range of independent strategic consultancy in connection with property investments, urban developments and composition of investor groups


In addition to this special analysis concerning:

-  facilities management/outsourcing

-  transformation af buildings

-  sustainability advice

-  risk management

Periodical newsletters - MARKET TRENDS - and market reports for players on the property market


Among the clients are

-  companies within the corporate and financial sector

-  professional investors (property companies, pension funds etc.)

-  the public sector (local authorities etc.)

Several consultant tasks are accomplished in co-orperation with other specialists e.g. consulting engineers and architects.


The business strategy

is based on looking on buildings as a production factor in line with employees and machines. Buildings  their location and esthetics - shall support the users identity. They have to be functional and flexible!

The environment is an important part of the image of properties and should be in harmony with the invidual buildings.

It applies to converting and transformation of buildings and development of outdated urban areas to fascinating and inspirering city  environments and therefore also favourable investments!


The concept

 On the basis of the environment, history and market research bbn consult defines an identity for the specific project with the purpose to create balance between esthetics and economy. The strong and weak aspects are broken down, in order to work out a profil of potential investors/financial possibilities.



bbn consult was established in 1998 by Bjarne Boye Nielsen, economist from the University of Copenhagen.

Bjarne Boye Nielsen has been engaged with investments for over 35 years, including 17 years as chief executive officer (investments) in  one of Denmarks largest pension funds responsible for development and administration of one of the biggest property portfolios in the country. Later in the career managing director for a listed international property company.